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21 Mar

Tech Talk 03 – Harley Davidson Handlebar Retrofit

In this video, we will go over the basics of removing the gas tank from our Harley in preparation for pulling the wires and eventually the handlebars from the motorcycle.

Access to the control wires for the handlebar switches is hidden from plain view and thus requires the removal of at least one side of the gas tank – usually both for the easiest access (and since they’re split, you’d have to drain the gas from both anyways).

If you follow the correct procedures in the right order, draining the tanks isn’t as messy as you’d think. The majority of fuel can be drained directly through the petcock, however a small amount of fuel will drain out of the feed line when you disconnect it – the remainder of fuel will be drained through the crossover lines on the tank, which allow the fuel to fill and drain evenly between the split tanks.

With the tanks off, we have now gained access to most of the electrical system on the bike – and more importantly, all of the connection points for the switches and buttons feeding from the handlebar controls. Check back often for more updates, including the remaining parts of this episode as well as other exciting projects in the future.

Feel free to drop us a comment in the Tech Talk Forums if you have any questions on this episode!

-Dave Mathis

Head Tech – Hardcore Choppers

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