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20 Mar

Tech Talk 04 – Harley Davidson Handlebar Retrofit – Part 2

In this part, we will cover the various steps required to remove and reinstall the plugs which are attached to the handlebars.

Obviously the plugs won’t fit through the bars themselves, so we will need to cut the connectors off and install them again once we’ve run the wires through the new set of bars.

It’s important to document all of the cuts that you make (on BOTH sides) so that everything will go back together smoothly when we’re done. Be sure to use a permenant marker or pen, and don’t smear the notes (or you’ll really regret it when trying to figure out a certain wire among the pile of handlebar connections).

After removing or loosening all of the components attached to the various cables running to the handlebars, we’ll be able to take them off and start measuring for new brake lines, throttle cables, and a clutch cable.

Feel free to drop us a comment in the Tech Talk Forums if you have any questions on this episode!

-Dave Mathis

Head Tech – Hardcore Choppers

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