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08 Mar


This will be the last page I work on this week.

I believe I can transfer all information from the old page, however I need to make sure that I can integrate a secure area into the wordpress architecture. It’s possible that the secure scripts that check if people are logged in or not will simply apply to regular old wordpress category pages (so when I try to click the VIP category page in wordpress, the same scripts from the old site will still check if I’m logged in) – if that works then it shouldn’t take too long to move everything over.

If not, I’ll just copy the “look” of the new wordpress hardcore choppers site (new top banner, etc) and make the VIP pages standard HTML / non-wordpress. When you click a link to VIP from the wordpress page, you won’t notice the difference, and likewise when you click the menu to “bikes” or “contact us” etc, you go back to the wordpress page without knowing the difference.  I’d rather try the first approach however, because I won’t have to make a page design that mimics the look of our new wordpress pages.

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